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When your child runs out of the gym excited and skips birthday parties to attend practice, you know you've hit upon an activity that lights her up inside. Cheer has taught my daughter about responsibility: getting her practice and competition gear ready, leaving school on time, and the impact it has on her team if she misses even a single practice. When she asked to take additional tumbling and I felt it would interfere with her homework, she figured out how to complete more work during class time. Her teachers consistently comment on her kindness and leadership, and I love that she has another group of friends outside of school that literally "have her back". Its fun watching her confidence bloom outside of class with each new skill from the gym.

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Champion Cheerleading is an All-Star Cheerleading Gym located in White Rock/South Surrey, British Columbia. Located at 2255 King George Highway (very close to highway 99), the gym is home to athletes from all over the lower mainland. Champion offers a variety of programs and classes including competitive cheer, recreational, tumbling classes, open gyms and more. We strive to provide excellence both on and off the mat and focus on good sportsmanship, dedication and team work. Give your child a chance to make new friends, be active and learn new skills!